UK Only Technology Dedicated Event for Marketing

UK Only Technology Dedicated Event for Marketing
Photo: Photo: TMF

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  Of all tech events across the U.K., TFM (Technology for Marketing) is the only one dedicated wholly to marketing tech within the United Kingdom. The event allows marketers not only to grow their investments but also to find the right kind of tech that’ll work for their business. In the 2016 TFM event, attendees will have the chance to attend the event in co-locations, the Customer Contact Expo and eCommerce Expo. As the events progress, speakers and suppliers go through the customer’s journey. A single event to access tech is offered as everyone learns and accesses various services to satisfy customers.

Event organisers

Technology for Marketing is organised by UBM EMEA, which creates opportunities and connects people with companies worldwide in over 20 industries. They develop businesses, launch new products, meet customers, expand markets, and promote brands via conferences, live exhibitions, websites, award programmes, certification and training, and publications.

Event Location

TFM takes place at the Olympia, Hammersmith Road W148 UX in London, UK, in an expo event with conferences. The Technology for Marketing 2016 event will occur between 28th September and 29th September.

Keynote Arena

In the Keynote Arena, both the Customer Contact Expo and eCommerce Expo meet TFM to celebrate tech advancement and receive inspiration from leading tech experts in the industry and diverse thought leaders. This includes top marketing cloud professionals from Europe who assemble and showcase truths and strengths many people don’t know. The 2016 event will, for instance, have senior director of EMEA Marketing Sylvia Jensen of Oracle Marketing Cloud, IMB Marketing Cloud and EMEA IMB top apologist Jeremy Waite, Tommy Smith of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud’s David Burnand.

Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute founder, will also be a keynote speaker for the tech event. He’s expected to elaborate on why many marketers are not doing well in content marketing and how anyone can succeed with their content marketing programmes.

Ritesh Patel is another keynote speaker at TMF 2016. He is expected to display his 18-year commitment to creativity and efficiency in healthcare communications, apps, social media customer service and other modern techs such as embeddable, wearables, V.R. and A.R.s.

Another keynote attendee is the Chief Envisioning Officer, Dave Coplin of Microsoft U.K., whose main job is helping individuals and organisations re-imagine tech impact to harness and envision the potential of the modern version of the tech.

Neuro-marketing live experiment

As technology changes daily, people remain disruptive. Putting human emotions at the centre is one of the essential things in any design. Through neuroscience principles, Lab’s Director of Human Tech Daryll Scott and Director Tom Head will analyse audiences’ emotional responses at the Keynote Arena in the 2016 event after exposing them to diverse marketing messages and websites.

The conference always returns with even more speakers, sessions and theatres in various critical marketing areas from social media, search, marketing automation, email marketing, data, cross-platform, content marketing and analytics.

Why TFM is always super exciting for marketing tech enthusiasts

As TMF 2016 nears, the excitement is already palpable, considering there’ll be 15 theatres, 200 speakers and hundreds of marketing tech exhibitions, all free to attend and learn. Marketing has been changing arguably every day, and TMF seeks to celebrate diverse new technologies, marketing automation, Artificial Intelligence and intelligent analytics as marketing art is transformed into a science.

TMF is always a chance to discover new, cutting-edge marketing tech. This is so because hundreds of service and marketing tech providers will display the latest solutions any marketer can use to drive and master customer engagement. With Joe Pulizzi refereeing, heavyweight marketing cloud investors will go head to head, from Adobe, Salesforce, and Oracle to IBM, debating the marketing tech future.

TMF brings together experts from various backgrounds that form a transformative digital panel. This allows them to discuss their journeys, allowing the audience to learn from their challenges, mistakes and successes.

Priority access passes

With the TFM 2016 expected to be extremely busy and more hectic than previous sessions, it’s hard to remain sharp in such a surrounding, mainly if the theatres are fully packed. As a result, the organisers of TMF have come up with Priority Access Passes to give an attendee a chance to find the spot they want to access the event from and pay for it. Half an entire theatre will be accessible for all those with passes as the sessions begin up to 10 minutes.

Those who can’t wait until the next TMF can access up-to-date marketing tech, including the latest in research, case studies and thought leadership from top marketing tech gurus daily.

Of course, TMF, particularly Technology For Marketing 2016, will bring A.I., cognitive computing and machine learning from just being buzzwords to practical instances where the technologies are making significant impacts in all industries. For example, Black Swan’s CEO, Steve King, is expected to take over the A.I. Marketing Masterclass for 60 minutes using practical instances from diverse giant global companies like Vodafone, Boeing, Unilever and Disney.