Top Drawer Autumn Event Now Bigger and More Popular

Top Drawer Autumn Event Now Bigger and More Popular

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From 11th September to the 13th of 2016 in London Olympia, the Autumn Top Drawer event will bring even more innovative designs and products of the highest quality. The next event in the Top Drawer calendar will be the spring show from the 15th of January 2017 to the 17th.

30 years and going strong

Top Drawer has been around since 1984 and presents a unique event almost synonymous with innovation and quality in terms of design and products. The home part of the event was introduced in 2012; two years later, Craft was also added. There was also an expansion into diverse fashion accessories, including the greetings category, that has solidified the show’s uniqueness as the leading United Kingdom design-inspired event for both creative brands and retailers.

In the 2016 event, more additions and expansions will be expected in the Top Drawer evolution. Four worlds will be offered, from Craft, Fashion, and Gift to Home, within a single Top Drawer brand. This seeks to bring diverse buyers worldwide and design-led items within the same destination. The consistency of the Top Drawer ethos will be evident across the board, which is one of the reasons why the show brings together all manner of exhibitionists and buyers globally, distinguishing the event as unique, highly valuable and ultimately different.

Unique features

Beyond the diverse products offered, Top Drawer goes a notch higher. It provides the Academy Live show, where experts in business and retail converge in different seminars to provide excellent advice. This year, there’ll also be the Paperfest feature that truly inspires with its new space blending creativity and talks, with greetings and stationery at the centre of things. The pottery throw-down lives will also be a significant feature of the show, with Keith Brymer Jones of BBC2 as the judge. Anyone fancying UK products with a unique UK provenance will also love the Product GB highlights.

Fashion shows will be extensive as the latest fashion trends will be featured to indicate diverse accessories present.  Of course, eco-friendly today is not just a theme but one of the essential things that support sustainable environmental conservation and protection of our world. Eco Trail is another feature of the Top Drawer show displaying brands popular for their sustainable and ethical credentials.


The Top Drawer event presents diverse exhibitors of distributors, manufacturers, suppliers, designers and brands who are out to connect with contract purchasers and creative retailers successful in their business.

Home sector

Anyone thinking of design-led homewares will find this category most appealing, with some of the most superbly made and designed products from diverse brands made by some of the rising stars in the industry. These include interior accessories, outdoor living, furniture and lighting, and kitchen and dining homewares.

Some of the exhibitors in this category include Alessi Spa from Italy, ALSO Home, Au Maison, Avenida Home, Baa Stool Ltd., Bed and Philosophy, Black+Blum, Bert & Buoy and Bliss Home Limited, among others. All the exhibitors are handpicked from unique and archetypal brands from the UK and a range of European designers, even as the product diversity is made with professional buyers in mind. The products range from high-quality, contemporary styles to classics.

Gift sector

This area presents the most curated selection of fantastic designs and products to give attendees a wonderful buying season with many gifts on diverse areas such as children’s, greetings and stationers, well-being, to unique gifts. Some of the exhibitors in this category include 1 Two Kids, A E Williams, 2 to Tango, A Little Lovely Company, A Farmer’s Daughter and 1973 Ltd, Abahna LTD, A M International Agencies Ltd, Abrams & Chronicle Books, Alfred & Wilde, Amica Accessories/Feltworks, Anna Wright, Apothecary & Barbershop Supply Co., Art Angelos Publishing Ltd, ARTHOUSE Meath, Artisanne among others.

Fashion sector

If there’s an area of Top Drawer show full of style and popular with virtually anyone, the Fashion world, where the latest in fashion is showcased, including great accessories, jewellery, fashion show and craft jewellery. From original jewellery and statement scarves to bags, there’s so much to go within fashion. Exhibitors in this section include Adorable Things Ltd, Ailera Ltd, Alex Dore, Amadoria Ltd, Amelia Stone Jewellery, Amanda Coleman Jewellery Limited, Ashiana Jewellery and Accessories Ltd, Ann Sherburne, Azuni, Bag It Don’t Bin It, BasketBasket, Bellow & Flo Ltd, Blaze Designs Ltd, By Elise and Cabbage White England among tens of others.

Craft sector

In Top Drawer, Craft is precisely what you’ve been looking for in a handmade piece that blends individuality, soul and heart in its design. These include jewellery, mixed media, fashion and textiles, ceramics, and glass. Exhibitors in this category include A and T Petersen Ltd, CHELACHE, From Brighton with Love, Helen Chatterton Textiles, Molten Wonky, Rolfe and Wills, Taisir Gibreel and Terri Leahy, among others.

Spotted sector

One of the newly established and main attractions to date is the Spotted section which has given over 80 flourishing businesses a chance to make their Top Drawer show debut. It’s the perfect celebration of market-ready innovative designs bringing about 40 new companies handpicked due to their originality and skill. These businesses include One Must Dash, Space la Design and Nikki McWilliams.

The Autumn/Winter Top Drawer event for 2016 will be taking place from Sunday, 11th September, from 0930 hours in the morning to 1800 hours in the evening, Monday, 12 September, same time and Tuesday, 13th September, from 0930 hours to 1700 hours at the Olympia, Hammersmith Road, Kensington, London. Visitors are advised to bear with Olympia because bag checks will be carried out on arrival due to the increased need for tighter security across the UK. Everyone should be patient, especially during the busiest period of the event.

Top Drawer is organised by Clarion Events, famous for organising buying shows and e-commerce events for diverse, discerning retailers and multichannel professionals and retailers. Around 1000 exhibitors will be showcasing their products across the different sectors.