The Positioning and Size of the Best Coffee Tables

The Positioning and Size of the Best Coffee Tables

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The birth of the modern coffee table, as we know it today, can be traced back to the Victorian era in Britain, where it was initially designed to accompany low-backed sofas and provide a convenient spot for placing a book or a teacup. But the journey doesn’t stop there. Step into the fascinating world of coffee tables and their evolution throughout history.

Coffee tables have come a long way, with their design and functionality evolving. Those used in Japanese tea gardens or the Ottoman Empire may have influenced the iconic long-style coffee tables. Join us on a journey through time as we explore coffee tables’ fascinating history and evolution. Discover how this humble piece of furniture has become a staple in homes worldwide.

The Positioning and Size of Coffee Tables

Nowadays, coffee tables are most commonly found in the centre of a living room, parallel to the sofa. If you want to purchase the best coffee table for your living room, it is essential to determine the size of the coffee table you require. You must have enough space around the table to avoid appearing too bulky. At the same time, you want a coffee table that is at arm’s reach when you require the TV remote or your coffee mug! It is also worth noting that coffee tables are suitable for use in hallways or other rooms requiring low-level storage space.

Additional Features of Coffee Tables

Here at Furniture UK, we retail a broad range of the best coffee tables that offer additional storage space should it be required for items such as magazines and books. Most commonly, you will find that coffee tables have a lower shelf the same size as the surface of the coffee table. This area is ideal if you’re looking to keep the surface of your coffee table clear but still wish to keep certain items, such as the TV remote, at arm’s reach! Other designs of coffee tables include tables that have drawers just below the surface of the coffee table. This extra storage space is ideal for those small items that are cluttering up your living room space.

wooden coffee table and sofa in the living room
The Positioning and Size of the Best Coffee Tables

Styles of Coffee Tables

Furniture UK offers many coffee table styles, from rustic and classical designs to contemporary pieces. It is essential that whatever coffee table you choose doesn’t clash with existing furniture in your home. Some of our coffee tables are designed to suit more traditional style homes, whereas other designs are particularly suited to modern décor.