Decorex Entrance – UK Heritage in Focus by Designer Tim Gosling

Decorex Entrance – UK Heritage in Focus by Designer Tim Gosling

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Tim Gosling, a British designer, is creating a unique exhibition focusing on the British chair heritage to look back over the years as he seeks to make his entry in a curated fashion at the Decorex September show. The ‘Heritage of Chair Making’ is Gosling’s way of approaching ‘the Roots of Design’, the show’s theme in 2016. The Designer hopes to link architecture and British craftsmanship heritage through time and interior design. Gosling has the Victoria and Albert Museum historical collections to work with, including the collection from Frederick Parker.

The Designer will put before a dozen visual creators from Britain to select the favourite item. They include, among others, James Dyson, Jasper Conran and Paul Smith. Gosling’s exhibition is based on the fact that the UK has the most significant furniture collections and is essential anywhere in the world today. Still, conservation has made it hard to display them publicly. As a result of the Victoria & Albert and the Frederick Parker Collection, Gosling will have the chance to make this happen as he curates chairs exhibition that includes many extraordinary and rare pieces.

In the eighteen century, interior designers commissioned furniture makers to create bespoke and design pieces, something that can be seen happening in a place like Decorex today. According to Gosling, a closer look at the Decorex exhibition designers is inspired by contemporary and historical chairs displayed in the event. Lots of the chairs will end up as collections of future furniture prized pieces.


Decorex International 2016 is a unique show that will be sticking to the discovery of ‘the roots of design’ theme in this year’s show. When Decorex International comes into mind, most conjure luxury considering it’s a globally recognised event where the most coveted and best of products from over 400 exhibitors are hand selected to create a unique collection. Decorex has been around for the last 39 years with a reputation that has withstood decades of changes in the design world yet has continued to evolve and grow to continue innovating and exciting at the same time. The 2016 show will showcase how far this has been the story of Decorex with a unique theme and hundreds of exhibitors (hand-picked for their uniqueness).

During the Decorex 2015 September exhibition, visitors discovered an edited choice of British craft names to collect from who’ve meshed into their unique and extraordinary craft that has been juxtaposed with traditional features. Of course, the gourmet delights at the Champagne bar of the exhibition were also a visitor puller in their own right, including the design of Russell Sage and the delights at the Decorex Food Market and restaurant at Syon Estate.

The 2016 Decorex International show will run from September 18 to September 21, with most of the different exhibitors from past shows retained but with new products, superb luxurious designs and a satisfying atmosphere that’s now a mainstay of the Decorex event expected by all visitors.


The Decorex exhibitors are sourced worldwide and are not a wholly UK affair. In the 2016 September show, different exhibitors will return even as new entries are also expected. Some of the exhibiting visitors in the event include A Place in the Garden, Abbott & Boyd, Baring Furniture, A Rum Fellow and Avorez from the UK, among hundreds of others as well as others from Europe, such as French’s Atelier Alain Ellouz, ATELIER PC MAURY SARL and Ateliers Pinton, Italy’s Basaltina S.r.l., Brabbu from Portugal and Brand Van Egmond from the Netherlands.

Others include CadLine Ltd from Hungary and a host of others from different countries juxtaposing the best in design to fully explore the 2016 Decorex theme of ‘the Roots of Design’. Some returnees to the Decorex 2016 event will be exhibitionists who left a mark, such as the Future Heritage, curated by Corinne Julius, an applied design and art critic.

Decorex’s talking points

Beyond great products and astonishing designs worldwide, Decorex International also has its talking points. One includes the Champagne Bar, with the 2016 event bringing 1508 London to design this year’s, Champagne Bar. Studio 1508 London is a unique design lab with many award-winning residential and commercial high-profile developments already within its portfolio. As the must-see and significant talking point, the Champagne Bar makes socialising, unwinding and relaxing with friends very easy in a space designed perfectly to reinterpret classical architecture in the simplest terms for an audience living in current changing times.

1508 London will deconstruct the classicism version while sharing their vision with all the exhibitors and visitors at the show. Creating an inspiring and unforgettable Champagne Bar is an exceptional opportunity for the best with unique tastes and design abilities in their display. Studio 1508 London will make its name among a superb line-up of the top celebrated names that have created an extraordinary Bar at Decorex, from Russell Sage in 2015, Les Trois Garçons in 2014, to Martin Brudnizki in 2013.

Decorex International is also heavily involved in the London Design Festival, which staged its first show in 2003. The longstanding interior and design exhibition, a part of Decorex for years, manifests unique craftsmanship, a reason why the 350 event festival brings diverse design spectrums from around the globe.

Event organiser

Decorex is organised by UMB Built Environment, one of the market leaders and award-winning companies that continues to serve engineering, construction, architecture and property sectors via diverse media channels.

Decorex was launched in 1978 and has grown into a highly recognisable and respected event by the global design community for its property developers, retailers, specifiers, architects and top-quality interior designers. Beginning on September 18 to the 21st, Decorex will open the London Design Festival for 2016 for four days at the Syon Park iconic grounds.

Over 400 exhibitors will present their work, from emerging to established talents in the design industry.